7HRS MA Seminar CE

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The 7-HRS Medication Aide Seminar fulfills the annual education renewal requirements for the Certified Medication Aide which stipulates that 7 hours of continuing education be completed after the first year for Medication Aides.[Click Here] Topics include review and update of medication aide training rules, medication administration, and related responsibilities. The seminar will enhance the knowledge and skills of Medication Aides and how to make the best use of medications. You will learn how to assist the multi-disciplinary approaches to effective medicine communications and treatments.

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Nurse Aides will learn how to administer medication in a long-term care setting. Students receive instruction and training in the preparation and administration of medications by; observing, reporting, and documenting resident’s status; also will review principles of safety; and demonstrate knowledge of measurement systems, body systems, and common diseases.

The Medication Aide continue education is offer for healthcare professionals for there vital role in medication management, and to protect the health and welfare of the citizens of Texas as a participating member of the drug therapy and to possess the necessary skills to carry out its responsibility. Students will maintain and enhance the competency to administer medication as specify by the Health and Safety Code, [Chapter 242 Subchapter F and 40 TAC Chapter 95.]

Please Note: This 7-Hour Medication Aide seminar description is not necessarily reflective of our curricula program offered at B & M Career Institute campus. This is a summary of general topics you'll learn. Please check your admission campus catalog for details about the seminar.