Medical Assistant CMA

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The Medical Assistant program will prepare students to assist physicians by performing functions related to both administrative and clinical duties of a medical office and ambulatory care centers, you'll have the opportunity to work directly with patients and assist with their care and well-being. If you are interested in an exciting and rapidly-expanding health care profession, this program is right for you. Medical assistants are in towering demand due to a swiftly expanding health care business.
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You will learn the skills and knowledge that will enable you to qualify for entry-level both administrative and clinical procedures, and develop the skills to take medical histories, record vital signs, prepare patients for examination, collect and prepare laboratory specimens, perform basic laboratory tests, draw blood, practicing safety and infection control, also billing and insurance, handling telephone calls, handling correspondence, scheduling appointments and updating patient charts.

The medical industry is always evolving and as a medical assistant you are a vital professional to the medical field. You'll always have the privilege to support and assist patients, also maintaining the balance and routine of the everyday operations in a variety of medical settings. The medical assisting are healthcare professionals who provide a positive and healing atmosphere, not only for patients, but for other team members as well. Whichever reason you choose medical assistant, know this; you will not be disappointed because deep down you know this is the best choice for you. This is a respectable career with the reward of helping someone that needs you.

Please Note: This Medical Assistant program description is not necessarily reflective of our curricula program offered at B & M Career Institute campus. The information is a summary of general topics you'll learn. Please check your admission campus catalog for details about the program.